The following is a list of all legislative items that were passed by the delegates at the 97th Grand Chapter in Nashville, TN.  An updated Constitution and Acts will be distributed to each Chapter in the coming weeks.  If you have any questions regarding the passed legislation, please feel free to contact the International Headquarters.

Amendment to Article III, Section 1: Eligibility

The Fraternity has chosen to add that we will not discriminate against potential members based on physical ability, sexual orientation or age.

The section now reads… “No prospective candidate shall be denied membership in the Fraternity on the basis of his race, creed, color, physical ability, sexual orientation, age or national origin.”

Amendment to Article V, Section 2: Authority of the Executive Committee

Prior to this amendment, the Executive Committee could not vote remotely.  With the changing technologies and the need for more timely action, the amendment was passed.

This section now reads…”Any meeting of the Executive Committee shall be legally constituted if there is present a quorum of officers of the Fraternity named in Section 5, Article IV.  Four of the said officers shall constitute a quorum.  All votes shall be cast in person, via telephone conference call, or by electronic mail.”

Amendment to Article VIII: Active Chapter Administration

Prior to this addition, our Fraternity did not have a constitutionally mandated Recruitment officer.

Section 1 now reads… “The regular officers of an active Chapter shall be an Alpha, who shall be known by the symbol Α; a Beta, known by the symbol Β; a Pi, known by the symbol Π; an Iota, known by the symbol Ι; a Sigma, known by the symbol  Σ; a Tau, known by the symbol Τ; an Upsilon, known by the symbol Υ; a Psi, known by the symbol Ψ; a Phi, known as the symbol Φ; a Chi, known by the symbol Χ; and two Thetas known by the symbol Θ.”

Addition of “Section 14: Chi’s Duties – The Chi shall be the Recruitment Chairman of the Chapter and shall organize and direct all recruitment activities of the Chapter.”

Amendment to Act 3: Special Funds

With the establishment of the National Housing Corporation of Phi Kappa Sigma, it was important to include the following addition.

The section on Housing Corporation has added the following paragraph…”Notwithstanding the existence of any such Housing Corporation described in the previous paragraph, all Phi Kappa Sigma individual Chapter House Equity or Housing-related assets held by National Housing of Phi Kappa Sigma International Fraternity, LLC  (“NHC”), local Alumni Groups or Local Housing Corporations who wish to release housing assets or are no longer functioning or otherwise suitable stewards of said Phi Kappa Sigma housing equity or assets shall be held in trust by NHC for each Chapter who contributed housing assets or equity for investment to further the NHC mission. Housing assets held in trust by the NHC shall be made available to individual contributing Chapters for their housing needs (or for Colony building) based on individual Chapter trust agreement terms when requested by the International Fraternity and subject to the restrictions and policies set forth in the NHC’s Operating Agreement.”

Amendment to Act 4: The Executive Committee and Executive Board

Previously, this section limited the ability to hire qualified individuals for positions at the International Headquarters. Additionally, there were limitations to which positions the Executive Director could hire for.

This act now reads… “Executive Staff: NINTH, the Executive Committee shall be authorized to employ a member of the Fraternity to be known as the Executive Director of the Fraternity whose duties shall be to oversee chapter operations and visitations, assist in the raising of funds, and to fulfill such other responsibilities as the Executive Committee shall direct.  The Executive Committee shall be authorized to employ a non-member upon a three-fourths approval if a viable member is not available to serve as Executive Director.  The Executive Director shall be authorized to employ additional individuals to assist with these duties.  All staff shall be paid such compensation as the Executive Committee shall determine.”

Amendment to Act 11: Scholarship

With the NIC standard increasing, it was important for us to amend this section to stay compliant.

The following was added to the Affiliation Prerequisites section…”In addition, to be eligible for initiation, the candidate must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent in any other scale) unless higher standards have been set for fraternity affiliation by the member institution, individual Chapter, or associations to which Phi Kappa Sigma belongs, in which case the highest of these standards must be met.”