New Member Education

The Pillars is the training that each New Member receives to shape their Phi Kap experience. With Pillars (members) built up into strong uprights within the fraternity, Phi Kappa Sigma, as a whole will become strengthened – our members (both undergraduate and alumni) are the supports and basis of Phi Kappa Sigma‟s continued existence, and the stronger our members are, the stronger Phi Kappa Sigma will become. Our life-long experience with Phi Kap, and the entire tone of our experience as an undergraduate, is molded by the New Member education process. Done correctly, your Chapter and the fraternity will reap the benefits of successful New Member Education for years to come.

The manual was put together by the Phi Kappa Sigma International Headquarters, and is a compilation of resources and ideas from Headquarters staff, Chapters, the North American InterFraternity Conference (NIC) and other fraternities‟ New Member education manuals. No matter what the source, the fundamental ideas among successful New Member Education are always the same. Training New Members by teaching them about our Purpose and Principles will produce motivated, outstanding Brothers. Brothers that fully understand Phi Kappa Sigma‟s ideals and values will be well prepared to truly excel in all aspects of fraternal life, and be productive Phi Kap’s well beyond their college years.

The New Member education program is designed to promote equality throughout all members of the fraternity: not to separate Brothers and New Members, but to integrate New Members into the Chapter: the only difference between a Brother and a New Member is the knowledge of our Ritual.