107, 2015

Executive Director Announcement

News Release - July 1, 2015 Contact: Douglas W. Opicka Phi Kappa Sigma Hires Executive Director Phi Kappa Sigma announces the hiring of new Executive Director, Timothy A. Schug, Alpha Epsilon (Illinois Institute of [...]

1009, 2014

Phi Kappa Sigma Trademarks

As an owner of various trademarks, which include our Greek letters, name, and other insignia, Phi Kappa Sigma has a legal obligation and responsibility to control the use of our marks. In order to protect our [...]

1009, 2014

2014-2015 Chapter Updates

Chapter Updates are distributed monthly throughout the academic year to provide a variety of news stories and operational updates. Open this story for a menu of Chapter Updates that are available for browsing. [...]

2607, 2014

2014 Grand Chapter Update: Passed Legislation

The following is a list of all legislative items that were passed by the delegates at the 97th Grand Chapter in Nashville, TN.  An updated Constitution and Acts will be distributed to each Chapter in [...]

1107, 2014

A Solid Investment in the Future of Our Fraternity

Each year, we ask alumni Brothers from across the Fraternity to donate to the Phi Kappa Sigma Foundation. With the money that you generously give, we invest in the future of our Fraternity through growth [...]

1104, 2014

Higher Education’s Work Preparation Paradox

By Brandon Busteed, Executive Director of Gallup Education It doesn’t matter who you ask -- the U.S. population, college freshmen, or parents of fifth- through 12th-graders -- they all say the same thing: the purpose [...]

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