As an owner of various trademarks, which include our Greek letters, name, and other insignia, Phi Kappa Sigma has a legal obligation and responsibility to control the use of our marks. In order to protect our marks and ensure that future generations can enjoy them, we must control their use. This is important not only when products and designs with our marks do not align with our organization’s standards, but also when the products and designs are of high quality and truly reflective of our values. In order to effectively accomplish this, Phi Kappa Sigma has adopted a trademark licensing program.

Our partner in this effort is a company called Affinity Consultants. Affinity Consultants administers the comprehensive trademark licensing programs of 97 inter/national fraternities and sororities. The Affinity Consultants team is dedicated to helping us protect Phi Kappa Sigma’s trademarks and grow our licensing program.  Collectively, the organizations they represent do not approve any products that attempt to glorify alcohol, hazing, racism, sexism, or any other image or design that is offensive or hurtful to others.

Your understanding and respect for our licensing program is crucial to its success and one of the ways you can help to improve the public’s perception of the Greek community as a whole.  By exclusively purchasing Official Licensed Productsyou are guaranteed a quality product, and you are also helping to create an awareness and appreciation for the values that most accurately represent our organizations. Always look for the seal below – no seal, no deal!

Http:// a terrific resource to learn even more about our licensing program.  Through this innovative website you can search for vendors based on specific criteria such as geographical location, product type, etc.

If you have any questions regarding Greek licensing or our trademark licensing program, please feel free to contact Phi Kappa Sigma International Headquarters. If you would like to nominate a vendor to become licensed or apply to become an Official Shopper, you can contact Affinity Consultants directly:

Nominate a vendor:

Apply to become an Official Shopper:

Thank you for all you do for Phi Kappa Sigma. We value your commitment to this organization and the effort you devote to helping us create an everlasting legacy.