Each year, we ask alumni Brothers from across the Fraternity to donate to the Phi Kappa Sigma Foundation. With the money that you generously give, we invest in the future of our Fraternity through growth initiatives and leadership development. We also invest it in our most important asset: our undergraduate Brothers.

The Men of Honor Leadership program provides Brothers with the necessary development tools they need to flourish in their Chapters. It is our intention that the Brothers that attend Men of Honor not only become leaders in their Chapters, but also on their college campus and in their community. This past January, we had a record 92 undergraduate Brothers attend the Men of Honor program. With your support, we can grow this program even more in the future.

Scholarships are another way the Foundation supports our undergraduate Brothers. This fiscal year, we will be giving out $60,000.00 in scholarships based on financial need and participation in our brotherhood. These scholarships also pay dividends when brothers who receive them choose to give back through donations and service to the Fraternity. One brother who received scholarships from the Foundation in the late 1970s was Reynold Hagel (Washington 1980). Brother Hagel currently serves on the Foundation Board and served as its President in 2007 from 2010.

In this new age of Facebook and emerging internet technologies, we realize that we have new competition for the time our alumni and undergraduates spend on fraternal activities. We are addressing these issues by partnering with alumni groups to raise funds for leadership and educational activities at the chapter level. By working with the local alumni, we hope to identify new avenues to achieve our goals by educating and supporting our undergraduates. We trust that you will see these activities making a difference by continuing to postivitely grow our organization.


Peter J. Nichols

President, Phi Kappa Sigma Foundation
Washington 1980