Undergraduate Awards

Neal L. Hospers Outstanding Undergraduate Award is given yearly to the best all-around Phi Kap undergraduate leader. The award is named after past Grand Alpha Neal L. Hospers (UCLA 1945 and Cornell 1948). The criteria used for the award is based upon 50% for campus and community activities, 25% for Fraternity activities and leadership, 25% for scholastic excellence. Each Chapter nominates a member for the award who, in turn, is judged against other men within his region. From the regional nominations one international winner is selected.

Hutchinson Key Scholarship Award is named after Charles Hare Hutchinson (Penn 1850), one of our founders. It is awarded to the member in each undergraduate Chapter who exhibits the greatest academic improvement in his scholastic average in the course of an academic term, provided that his average is higher than the overall men’s average at his institution. The award is presented to the member by his Chapter, in the form of a small gold key.