Phi Kappa Sigma is excited to offer a Social Virtue program called GreekLifeEdu™. As part of our continuing effort to improve the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternal experience, we have contracted with Outside the Classroom to offer a web-based, educational initiative offering extensive information about the risks of alcohol consumption, hazing and sexual assault. GreekLifeEdu™ uses science-based research to educate students. It is a non-opinionated course that aims not to tell one what to think but to help one make decisions for oneself and effectively deal with the behavior of one’s peers.

Ensuring that all members and new members have been provided with educational materials on these potential risk areas will help us achieve our ultimate goal of ensuring our members have a positive experience as part of Phi Kappa Sigma as well as within their larger collegiate environment. To that end, Phi Kappa Sigma requires that all “new members”, as part of the Pillars New Member Education Program, along with any “member” who has not previously completed the course in full (completion of Parts 1 & 2 with a passing grade of 75%) must complete GreekLifeEdu™ online. 

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