Manage Risk

Risk Management Policy – Fraternity’s Risk Management Policy
These policy must be followed by all members, including alumni, and guests of Phi Kappa Sigma Chapters and Colonies.

Insurance Coverage and Claim Manual (2016-2017 Year)
The manual help Chapters and volunteers understand Phi Kappa Sigma’s insurance coverage and outlines procedures for your Chapter to follow that ensures your Chapter’s safety for planning and hosting an event.

FIPG Manual
FIPG, Inc. was a consortium of men’s and women’s fraternities and sororities which provides leadership in establishing and developing policies and practices for member organizations, educates and supports undergraduates, alumni/ae and Greek systems in risk management, and works to improve and enhance the image and reputation of all Greek-letter organizations through risk management.

Insurance Coverage and Allocation Information
Additional information on the types of insurance coverage and how the cost of our programs are allocated to Chapters and Colonies.

Member Accident Protection Program (MAPP) Brochure
The member accident protection program of the Fraternity is a benefit of membership. The program is intended to compliment the health insurance of every undergraduate member of the Fraternity for injuries as a result of an accident. The premium for this program is paid by the Fraternity and the program may be cancelled or changed at the sole discretion of the Fraternity at any time. The information provided is for informational purposes only; contact Fraternity staff for exact details.

Risk Management Forms

Special Event Checklist
Use this form, especially when the event has alcohol present, utilizes contracts, or has outside guests.

Athletic Event Participation Waiver
If the Chapter/Colony hosts an athletic / physically involved event, this form must be signed by all participants.  These forms must be forwarded to the Fraternity Headquarters within 72 hours of the event.

Third Party Vendor Checklist
This form is to be used when providing alcohol at an event.

Security Vendor Checklist
When hiring security, it is important to ensure the proper precautions are made.

Additional Insured Request
When your school, a vendor, or someone else requests that they be named as an additional insured on the Fraternity’s general liability insurance, this form should be used to start the process and collect the necessary information.  There is a $250 charge billed to the Chapter for any additional insured party.

Additional Support
GreekLifeEdu is an online, science-based program that educates our members about behaviors that compromise personal safety and challenges their preconceived social norms. Addressing alcohol consumption, hazing, and sexual assault will help our members make safer and healthier decisions.

FIPG Website
Fraternal Information and Programming Group promotes sound risk management policies and practices.

Binge Drinking and Your Health
Today, many teens and young adults drink to relax and relieve some of the pressures of their fast-paced and highly-scheduled lives. For young people that know the difference between alcohol use and abuse (and are of legal drinking age) enjoying a few drinks can be a healthy, legal and safe way to unwind. Unfortunately, the popular habit known as binge drinking remains a major problem at thousands of college campuses and high schools in the U.S; but it’s also a problem plaguing adults. Take a look at how binge drinking carries on into adulthood.