Membership Perks and Gear


Here you can find a link to access Phi Kappa Sigma Membership Perks!

This page requires you to log-in to your profile on to access the coupon codes. This keeps these perks for Phi Kaps only, so that we can continue to provide them to our undergraduates and alumni.


Phi Kappa Sigma has authorized quite a few vendors to use our branding and logos. These companies have signed contracts with HQ that allow them to print/use our trademarked items. If you wish to use vendors outside of those that we currently have partnerships with, there shouldn’t be a large issue, you can just expect the process to take a little longer. By law, those vendors are required to notify us and ask for permission to use our logos, crest, letters, etc.

If you are looking for vendors, click here.

If you are looking for already-designed gear, click here.

Here is a link to our official jeweler, click here.